I have just concluded 4 years of intermittent physical therapy with Jason in PTI's Holden office, related to knee osteoarthritis.  I wanted to express my appreciation for the expertise, support, and advice that Jason provided me over that time.  I had several stints of physical therapy to delay having a total knee replacement which eventually needed to happen in September 2009.  Jason was consistently professional, cheerful, and helpful throughout the time I was his patient.  While at PTI, I had many opportunities to witness Jason's gift in dealing with people of all ages, backgrounds, and physical abilities.  He has excellent judgment in relating to patients positively, while still progressing their therapy, no matter how difficult the patient or the case.  He is genuinely interested in his patients' progress, while continuing to fine tune his own PT skill set.  Jason's ability to relate to his patients made for a more pleasant therapy experience, and I believe, contributes significantly to the success of his patients.

- A.C.

After a long standing career as a physician, I developed a chronic back problem. I have been enrolled at PTI both as a physical therapy patient and as a gym member for approximately 4 years. I feel their physical therapy - sports medicine knowledge speaks for itself. As you become older and out of shape one becomes self conscious and intimidated by the "workout." I feel PTI strongest trait is their caring and compassion. My finest compliments to the owner, physical therapists, personal trainers, secretarial and billing staff. My hat is off to PTI team! My thanks to them all for a job well done. I have referred many of my patients from my private podiatry practice to PTI for their general fitness and well being. I enthusiastically endorse this product.

Dennis M. Reidy, D.P.M. (Patient and Gym Member)

After almost 5 years since I started to attend the gym, I must say that I actually enjoy it better than the first day. It has definitely become an important part of my life, and the older I get, the importance is that much greater. Its a great place to work out. The equipment is nice. There is enough for the serious weightlifter but also the person who just wants to tone up, without the intimidation of some muscleheads. The staff is always available for any questions... [The fact ] that they are all physical therapists is a nice advantage. In all, I would recommend PTI to anyone and everyone who wants a better life.

Mark Campbell, FedEx Employee (Gym Member)

I have been a patient of the Hopkinton Office since late January 2009 with Shellie and Pat as my therapists.

Back in June of 1999, I was diagnosed with Muscular Dystrophy and referred to physical therapy.

Over the years I had several courses of therapy in different offices.I was often discharged due to the therapists feeling they could do no more for my chronic condition. At one office, my therapist suffered a serious injury and was unable to work. At that point I was shuffled from therapist to therapist without the proper progression and attention I deserved.  These experiences were quite frustrating; as I had goals and a desire to function better than I was at the time.

Even though I live in Rhode Island, I work in Massachusetts. I saw you had an office right down the street from my work, so I made an appointment. I was a little disappointed to hear that you would be moving to Hopkinton but I figured it was only another 15 minutes further north so I would give it a shot and see how things went. I had my initial evaluation with Shellie where we discussed what I was looking to accomplish and what she could and would do to try and help me reach those goals. A little time passed (5 weeks) and I had another evaluation and everything was going great!

Then ... Shellie informed me she needed to go for surgery herself and would be out for a month or so. I would be lying if I said I wasn't thinking back to the experience at my previous PT office. But to my very unexpected surprise, my patient notes were so well documented and kept up to date that Pat was able to just pick up right where she left off - totally seamless. On top of that, having a neuromuscular disease like MD is no picnic. In fact, depending on the weather, how active I am or how many times I've fallen, I can walk into my appointment with completely different complaints and that alter Shellie and Pat’s treatment plans for the day. Without missing a beat, they have always done everything they could to treat the complaint and continue the treatment.

Shellie and Pat are not only knowledgeable physical therapists, but they actually show they care. They are friendly, sympathetic and responsive to everything I say and feel. You cannot imagine how wonderful this feels after having had 10 years of care that wasn't as good. Muscular dystrophy, in most cases, is a progressive disease with little improvement. There is no cure and there is no real treatment for the disease itself, only the symptoms. Having this disease, you learn to live with the fact that things will never be the way they once were before the diagnosis. Thanks to both Shellie and Pat, I actually feel a little more positive about working on my treatment. I still don't have any grand illusion that things will get back to normal but Shellie and Pat certainly make me feel like there is more hope. Like just maybe, we can do something to lessen the effects of this disease - and for that I am extremely grateful!!!

There are many other PT Offices between my work and home that I could go to, but I have no problems saying I am completely comfortable with traveling the additional time to receive the care I do, it is well worth it!!! I hope I can continue to get treated at Hopkinton for as long as I can.

- R.G.