Our Mission


Physical Therapy Innovations is dedicated to providing the highest quality outpatient rehabilitative services to patients of all ages diagnosed with orthopedic injuries, sports injuries, and movement dysfunctions.

PTI's licensed physical therapists are committed to delivering comprehensive evaluation, treatment, and injury prevention strategies to all members of the community. We maintain an equal commitment to ongoing education with regard to the methods we use to deliver services to patients.

The philosophy of PTI is to design and implement individualized treatment plans that enable patients to achieve goals specific to his/her lifestyle and activity level. As health professionals it is our obligation to serve our community by assisting the members of central Massachusetts in achieving optimal health and improving their overall quality of life.

Our reputation empowers us to be leaders in the field of physical therapy. It motivates us to provide comprehensive, effective and innovative treatment to all members of the communities we serve. It enables PTI to make a difference.