As health insurance becomes more restrictive, patient's benefits often expire prior to reaching their discharge goals. After physical therapy, many times it is recommended that patients continue in a program to strengthen and maximize their physical abilities.

PTI's After-Care Program is unique and is suited for all ages and diagnosis. Its curriculum is designed to assist patients in their transition from structured physical therapy visits to independent strength, conditioning and wellness programs.

Sample curriculum includes:

  • Movement Analysis
  • Progressions
  • Return to Sport Guidance
  • Home Exercise Programs
  • Weight Management
  • Exercise Progressions
  • Stretching Plyometric
  • Balance Training
  • Postural Training
  • Body Mechanics

For minimal cost, patient's can continue their rehabilitation under the supervision and direction of a licensed physical therapist.

Non-patients can reap the benefits as well... a licensed PT will guide you through an individualized fitness and wellness program.

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After-Care is not a substitute for Physical Therapy